Live Artifacts, vol. II

by Artificer

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A live performance recorded at the third annual NOISEGASM music fest at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown PA. Black Friday, November 25, 2016.

ARTIFICER on this recording is:
Joshua Fosbenner -- Vocals, Tenor Banjo, Electric Organ.

All songs are original compositions.

Thanks to: Lance and Killer Tofu Records for continuing this tradition - it's becoming an anticipated day of diverse music in the LV every year; to the Alternative Gallery for hosting the event; to Caleb for letting me borrow his organ; to my grandfather, for the suit.


released November 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Artificer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ARTIFICER is Joshua Fosbenner -- a solo performance and recording project

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Track Name: Blue Ruin [live@NG16]
In the backyard, the moonlight looks like snow. There's static-laced jazz on the radio. Why do my thoughts race at unlikely hours, while the tunes bloom from the speakers like flowers? I've lost too many truths to the night, so now I try to write them down to keep them alive. The warmth of the bourbon. The chill of the night. I wish that everyone would stop telling me it'll be alright. I am so clumsy. I have no grace. But please don't pray for me, I know I am a fucking disgrace. Blue Ruin had a hold on me. The things that I lost, I gave away for free. Blue Ruin had a hold on me. In the end there was hardly enough left to figure out who I was supposed to be.
Track Name: Dead Men Are Heavier Than Broken Hearts [live@NG16]
There is blood on your cigarette case. You clutched it too hard while you hid your disgrace behind clouds of smoke; ephemeral veil. Try to breathe but only choke, all to no avail. You are the Truth, or so you say. "Look into my eyes." But I can hardly see you at all through this haze of lies. Dead men are heavier than broken hearts. All the better to tip the scales of morality in this farce. Dead men are heavier than broken hearts. All the better to tip the scales of reality in this farce.
Track Name: Saving... Don't Turn Off The Power [live@NG16]
I thought I had some sense of assurance when we called it quits for the last time. There was some implication that our little game would stay the same. That it took this long, is that such a crime? But once we were a team, we all worked hard for our accomplishments. Our battles brought us closer but I know at times it got intense. What I never thought about, you see, was limited battery life expectancy. We painted the town Vermilion. Oh, I often wonder... what could I have done? But now I'll mourn in Lavender, wishing I could turn back the calendar.
Track Name: If I Linger (A Song to Dispel Ghosts) [live@NG16]
Now is not the best time to find out you're never coming back. I wish that I had known you better, but the sentiment is meaningless in retrospect. But it doesn't really matter, 'cause now you're gone. And if I linger in places we used to go, does it make me a creep? My friends tell me not to, but I will try to hold on to hope that one day you'll come back for me. This poisonous nostalgia drains vitality. And maybe it's just my vanity, but I really thought I had the strength to keep my grip. I'm so sorry I can't hold on. I begin to slip...and I fall, and I fall. And I realize it's not strength at all that kept me hanging on -- just desperation. But it doesn't really matter, 'cause now you're gone. And if I linger in places we used to go, I'll just be a creep. My friends were all right to warn me, I'm through trying to hold on to hope that one day you'll come back for me. All I recall through this veil looks like gold, until the present truth breaks through, revealing memories stale and old. Like Dorian Gray's portrait, when he finally saw himself; he crumbled into ash, ravaged by time and disenchanted health.
Track Name: Galatea / Postlude [live@NG16]
Nothing has been quite the same since the accident. Your fingers tremble and twitch, they seem discontent. I don't know what to do anymore. If what you tell me is true, then truth I abhor! Solace, my lady, I ask you, still my hands. They cannot carry a tune now worth a damn. I don't know what to do anymore. These knife-thrower's hands will overpower me, I'm sure! I can not shake this feeling that I will not wake up from this dream I've had. I can not take another hurt this bad. I thought that I could keep you from being sad, but I found myself in love like mad. I found myself in love so mad. A cold wind, it stirs from within. It carries all across her skin. She lives! Yet she was made of stone! Give me your lips, you are mine alone!