I Guess Everything Reminds You Of Something

by Artificer

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This is an ongoing collection of raw live recordings, mistakes, blemishes and all, from open mics and such; I will continue to add to it as I perform/accumulate recordings of performances. It will serve as a demo of sorts, representing stripped-down versions of the unfinished songs, while I work (slowly) on self-recording a set of proper multi-track analog versions, for eventual cassette release.
"Skeletons" -- recorded @ Hava Java, Allentown PA, 12/5/14. There's background noise of people talking and coffee being made in this song, but I don't mind it. I think it actually adds a certain pleasant ambiance.

"If I Linger" -- recorded @ the Noisegasm DIY music fest hosted by the Alternative Gallery, Allentown PA, 11/28/14.

"L'appel du Vide", "Stargazer", and "Lua" -- recorded @ Hava Java, Allentown PA, 1/2/15. This was my entire set for the night, and the same is true of these songs as "Skeletons" above; there's background noise, but it doesn't detract from the music. Obviously this is becoming a regular place where I can try out my new songs!

"Blue Ruin" -- recorded @ Hooka Turka, Bethlehem PA, 4/30/15. It was my first open mic night at H.T. after having heard of it often before. I waited too long to sign up on the sheet though, so I went right near the end, almost didn't get to play at all! Why am I telling you this?!? My own fault, right? But I am happy with how I did, considering I felt half-asleep, a little light-headed, and I slightly out of practice. It was my first open mic in a while, after a sequestered and mostly awful winter, which is why I felt compelled to record it. Also, it was my first time ever playing out with a banjo, so that felt noteworthy. Of course I broke a string earlier in the night, but it all worked out. However I could've done without the person who was attempting to snap along to "Blue Ruin"...

"Skeletons" -- recorded @ Allentown ArtsFest 2015, on the Tape Swap stage at Cedar Beach Park in Allentown PA, 9/13/15. My friend and I had just played a set as McGarnagle, and there was time for one more, so I was able to do an impromptu Artificer performance. Since it seemed so relevant to that particular day, and the first fall chill in the air, I played "Skeletons".

"IRO-Bot" -- recorded in my bedroom in Philadelphia, 10/25/15. While not a live performance, I did put some time into recording the few parts for this song, and it's one of my favorite songs to cover, so I included it here. Listen to the whole thing; I included a very cool clip at the end, which is what inspired me to do this cover in the first place! Coheed's early stuff was a huge influence on me, so I hope this cover is a proper salute


released December 7, 2014

Joshua Fosbenner -- Guitar, Tenor Banjo, Vocals

I also made the paintings you see on this page.



all rights reserved


Artificer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

ARTIFICER is Joshua Fosbenner -- a solo performance and recording project

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Track Name: Skeletons
I see the first leaf turning
On a late August morning,
Like a burning red beacon
To the upcoming season.
The rest are sure to follow,
But change can happen so slow,
Or so it seems as days pass,
'Til all at once it's different fast.
And you wonder, where did time go?
This is always how it feels, though.

When it's all exposed to see,
Leaves fallen off the trees.
Undressed skeletons so bare,
What keeps them standing there?

We look unlike them but we feel the same;
Trying to stand tall with just our names,
Until we get cut down or rot away,
As if we've nothing left to do or to say.
Meanwhile others come and go,
Climbing or swinging on our tired bones,
And staying only long enough to carve their mark
Into our tattooed skin, it must be thick as bark.

When we're all exposed to see,
Trying to bear scars with dignity.
Underneath just skeletons remain.
What keeps them strong through all this pain?
Track Name: If I Linger
Now is not the best time
To find out you're never coming back.
I wish that I had known you better,
But the sentiment is meaningless in retrospect.

But it doesn't really matter 'cause now you're gone.
And if I linger in places we used to go, does it make me a creep?
My friends tell me not to but I will try to hold on
To hope that one day you'll come back for me.

This poisonous nostalgia drains vitality.
And maybe it's just my vanity,
But I really thought I had the strength to keep my grip.
I'm sorry I can't hold on. I begin to slip...
And I fall, and I fall.
And I realize it's not strength at all that kept me hanging on,
Just desperation.

It doesn't really matter 'cause now you're gone.
And if I linger in places we used to go, I'll just be a creep.
My friends tell me not to but I will try to hold on
To hope that one day you'll come back for me.

It doesn't really matter 'cause now you're gone.
And if I linger in places we used to go, I'll just be a creep.
My friends were all right to warn me, I'm through trying to hold on
To hope that one day you'll come back for me.

All I recall through this veil looks like gold,
Until the present truth breaks through,
Revealing mem'ries stale and old.
Like Dorian Gray's portrait, when he finally saw himself;
He crumbled into ash, ravaged by time and disenchanted health.

Now is not the best time
To find out you're never coming back.
She said, "I wish that I had known your better,"
But the sentiment is meaningless in retrospect.
Track Name: L'appel du Vide
It was high above a Brooklyn street,
They were standing on their balcony.
He peered down over the edge.

"It's not really vertigo," he said,
"Not quite a fear of heights,
But a certainty that such a flight
Would end my life, and it's right here before me."

"Are you telling me you want to take the leap?"
She said, "If so I'll go back inside,
Give you some peace and pretend to sleep."

"I have no such affliction,
It was merely transfixion.
But," he said, "I think I finally understand
That bit written by Nietzsche,
Though he was a madman.
'Gaze not long into the abyss.
It will gaze also into you'."
Track Name: Stargazer
Show me which constellations you know,
Swing your hands and point as they glow.
Thank you for bringing me out here tonight,
Wishing I may and wishing I might.

So easy to get lost in my seclusion,
Now I'm out here cursing the light pollution.
But when the clouds part,
And the stars shine through,
I realize I'm glad to be out here with you.

But we can only see so much
With heads craned gazing up.
The void stretches out, like the sea;
Ready to swallow up you and me.
But if we're made of stars,
Our hands can reach out so far.

You have always loved the sky,
We're stargazers, you and I.
Track Name: Lua
(This is a cover of a song originally by BRIGHT EYES. I disabled the option to let listeners pay for this particular track, thus I won't profit from someone else's work. But they're a great band and a huge influence of mine, so I highly recommend them! --J. )
Track Name: Blue Ruin
In the backyard
The moonlight looks like snow.
There's static-laced jazz on the radio.

Why do my thoughts race at unlikely hours?
While the tunes bloom from the speakers, like flowers
I've lost too many truths to the night,
So now I try to write them down to keep them alive.

The warmth of the bourbon, the chill of the night
I wish that everyone would stop telling me it'll be alright.
I am so clumsy, I have no grace
Please don't pray for me, I know I am a fucking disgrace.

Blue Ruin got a hold on me
In the end there was hardly enough left
To figure out who I was supposed to be.

Blue Ruin got a hold on me,
The things that I lost, I gave away for free.
I tried my best not to drag you down with me.
This is the fragile heart I don't want anyone else to see.
Track Name: IRO-Bot
A cover of Coheed and Cambria's old b-side, to which I added my own interpretation (including the soundclip at the end, which may seem random, but which is actually very thematically relevant, given how this song fits into Coheed's conceptual saga). Made this song a free download, so I will not be profiting off of another artist's work (not that I would do that, anyway).

Lyrics (by C. Sanchez):

In our days we've mourned insignias, the passing glance unstamped. We’ve rendered ourselves powerless, unfortunate. The useless mend the fixed. And on every hour it detonates, my courage goes unlooked. The ride home through perilous, the land it goes, I will…You’ve been a bad boy. You broke all the rules. You’ve been a bad boy. You’ll get yours paid in full. IRO-Bot will never die. My robot will never die. You look down, but far from out, and the paper reads, "You lose." IRO-Bot will never kill. A favor captain, a word with you? My systems gone and lost its mind. My right eye has shed a tear. My gun I’ve left behind. Will systems take me home, disassemble me? Will I be terminated with you near? Alongside the others that I hold so close. If I'm to be killed, then when? By whom? And How?